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The Future Of Polar Bears

Are polar bears global warming’s assured victims? It is difficult to think of the North Pole and its surrounding areas without its most impressive denizen, the massive polar bear, but this might soon be a reality because the future of polar bears is assuredly very bleak. Estimates about the exact number of these majestic creatures… (read more)

The Benefits of Fish Oil

There is so much around us that can make us healthy, all of it natural, all we have to do is look for it. One thing that is highly beneficial for our bodies is fish oil, and many feel that it can actually help fight something as terrible as cancer itself. What is it? Essentially,… (read more)


Dopamine acts as an effective neurotransmitter. It is the perfect chemical messenger, which initiates signal transmission to the brain and other vital organs of living organisms. Dopamine plays a vital role in every animal and human beings – even in vertebrates and invertebrate creatures. Dopamine is a chemical signal, which passes information between neurons. The… (read more)

Is Religion Compatible with Science?

The Debate Those who support the compatibility of religion with science argue that these two facets of our lives form complementary lenses through which we can view reality. Moreover, they claim that science does not answer life’s biggest questions, like those about why we are here. Opponents counter that religion gives us, at best, a… (read more)